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September 2008
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Wow dont really no where to start i have not posted on here in so long that i forgot how it is to express myself. i tend not to post to much stuff on my myspace because there r people on there that what i feel is none of their business. so to be completely honest im not sure that i am really me ne where i am...not really even in my own journal because of the fear of someone reading it...but i feel that when i am actually honest somewhere. that i would hurt someone or someone would use it against me.


Walk in the door to your home.
Look into the eyes of your deepest love.
Running your finger tips through their hair.
Sliding your hand behind their head, just to watch their eyes close.
Pull them closer to your lips.
Feel the warmth of their love.

Imagine your life without.

Walk in the door to your home.
Would you stand in the entrance waiting.
Looking for their smile.
Lying in your bed, do you long for them.
The sight of their body wrapped around yours.
The knotted blankets that pulls you closer to them.

Is what you have, what you want?

Do you see something else that toys upon your senses.
Is there something there that isn’t here.

You hold this in the palm of your hand.
The consequences of your decisions.
Eventually what you have will be replaced.
Are you wondering with what?


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